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How I Create my Short-Form Content + 12 Free Cinematic Fonts

My content workflow and process + cinematic typefaces

Almost 3 months ago I made a deliberate decision to go into turbo mode with my personal content.

The thesis is simple – an audience is a superpower, and content is king.

My content strategy is primarily education-based. The idea is that I spend hours everyday bringing value to those who follow or subscribe to me, and the attention generated from that would funnel down into my businesses.

I get asked daily how I pump out content so quickly, so I made a video showing off my setup and workflow.

I’ve optimized by studio for speed, without compromising quality.

I also still very much believe that short-form content is still enjoying it’s reign – however, I think this is going to change this year.

Platforms are beginning to put less emphasis on short-form video, because they are realizing it isn’t profitable. Nobody wants to watch a 15-30 second ad for a 15-30 second video.

I believe the largest opportunity now exists again in long-form content, that can then be repurposed into several bite-sized clips.

Cinematic Fonts for your Content

I also get asked often what font I’ve been using lately for my reels. This is a free font called Akira Expanded.

I’ve put together a list of other incredible typefaces that I use, and recommend to use, for your visual content.


One of my all-time favorite fonts, and a go-to throughout my design career.

Abraham Lincoln

Inspired by the playbills and advertisements of the 1800s, Lost Type Foundry designed the Abraham Lincoln font as a tall, sturdy serif for display.

Available free from Lost Type, and I recommend you explore all of their fonts.

Bebas Neue

The font that I use for Metav3rse posts - and an all-time classic.


Inspired by aircraft models from the 1940s, this free font is perfect for your cinematic content.



A dreamy, modern and elegant serif font with two styles and glyph variations.

Gashington Classy

A cool and casual playful handwritten font. Add a joyful touch to your visuals.


Become the King of the realm with Baratheon, a free display font inspired by medieval knights.


I’m a sucker for these modern slim serifs. Obviosa is perfect for upscale design projects and more elevated visuals.


An experimental serif that will make your visuals stand out.

Daily Fully

A whimsical serif that would be perfect for your daily vlogs.

Note: Most of these fonts are free for personal use only. If you’re going to use commercially please purchase the relevant licenses. And as always, support the designers if you can.