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How to Create Top-Quality Content - FAST.

The system, setup, tools and resources I use to create content.

Between my personal brand and businesses, I make 20+ pieces of high-quality visual content almost every single day.

And it only represents around 25% of my work hours.

I wanted to write about the system I have developed to create high-level content at turbo speeds.


My setup is curated specifically to my needs. I have a YouTube video coming out about this soon.

My primary workstation is Mac-based with dual Apple Studio Displays.

It’s powered by a Mac Studio with 128GB RAM, 20-core Apple M1 Ultra Silicon and a 64-core GPU. While it’s likely overkill – time spent computing or processing adds up. For that same reason, the workstation is wired via ethernet. Speed is the name of the game.

When I am creating content – I generally have Figma, Photoshop and Premiere on my main monitor, split between different desktops.

On my second monitor, I have finder for easy drag + the tools and research required for fast content creation, which I’ve laid out below.

I generally have an iPad handy with notes laid out as well for specific situations.

Last note - besides posting content when it’s unavailable to do so on web - I don’t do anything on my phone. It’s always faster on a desktop with more real estate and processing power.


The software I use for creating content is primarily Figma and Photoshop for visuals, Adobe Premiere for video and Logic for audio.

I won’t go too deep into these programs, but there are two things here that supercharge my efficiency:

  • Hotkeys. Learn them. From hundreds of hours spent learning these programs to thousands of hours of experience with them - not only do I know them inside and out, I also have every hotkey memorized. This saves so much damn time.

  • Templates. Over time, I’ve developed dozens of templates in accordance with each brand that I consistently reuse.

Here’s a list of all of the other programs I use when creating content.

This simple little tool is unbelievably useful. Download video instantly from any site and process them as MP4s or extract audio from them. I use this daily.

I use this primarily to stream, and record my screen. In fact, I used it to record the screen-grabs you see in this blog entry.

I also use Streamlabs to record footage of myself from my Canon R5. Using Streamlabs speeds up the process, as I don’t have to offload footage from the camera and sync it with the audio. However, it degrades the quality of the video a little bit so I usually only use this for TikTok and casual content.

This is the podcasting software I use. I can then extract bite-sized clips from the long-form content to edit with.

I always have a browser tab open to ChatGPT now. It can be used for something as simple as rewriting certain captions in a more compelling way. I also use Wordtune for this as a Chrome extension.


These are my go-tos when I need graphic elements to create visuals.

A great resource for music and sound effects. I use Epidemic for most of my videos.

My favorite stock footage site. If you watch my videos, you will notice that the videos I use are very aesthetic and high-quality. These are from Storyblocks.

My go-to for stock images. They are completely free. Pexels also features fantastic royalty-free videos as well. I’ve contributed a lot of images to both as well in order to give back to the community that has been so useful to me.

Helpful Tips

Here are some miscellaneous tips that will speed up your workflow.

  • Get yourself a gaming mouse or a mouse with programmable keys. You can assign systemwide or program-specific shortcuts to the mouse. A mouse with a horizontal scroll wheel will also come in clutch.

  • Re-purpose! If you’ve created a great Twitter thread – you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t repurpose it as an Instagram and LinkedIn carousel. If you create a great blog entry – repurpose it as a Twitter thread. So on, and so forth.

  • Don’t be afraid to delete under-performing content and re-edit and re-upload with a better hook.

  • Social bios – people want to know “what’s in it for me?” Sure, mention your achievements, experience, interest, etc. but make sure to include HOW you can bring value to someone by following you.

I am going to be writing in depth about HOW to grow on separate platforms soon. Everything I’ve learned. All of my strategies and playbooks. Look out for it.

If you have any questions or comments, hit me up on Twitter.