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Elon's Twitter Takeover, Meta Down Bad, Google Embracing the Blockchain, CloneX and much more.

The can't-miss stories from the wonderful world of blockchain tech. October 28th, 2022.

Kanye West and Elon Musk were seemingly the only two men on the planet for the last week as they have dominated all of the major headlines.

Elon, The Chief Twit

Elon has finally acquired Twitter, and wasted no time with his first order of business: firing it’s CEO, CFO and its Head of Legal Affairs.

What does this mean for crypto?

Well, Dogecoin investors certainly think Elon is serious about integrating the famous meme coin with the platform - with Doge spiking almost 50% on the news.

Binance contributed $500M to the purchase of Twitter, which leaves many onlookers bullish about the future of crypto on the platform.

Google Embraces the Blockchain

Google has announced a blockchain node engine for Ethereum developers. Just like Amazon moved to build the dominant infrastructure for the web with AWS, Google is now getting serious about building the infrastructure for the age of the blockchain.

This is massive news as it will allow developers to provision fully managed Ethereum nodes with secure blockchain access.

$80M in Sales Volume, Banned by Minecraft, but Still Building

Today's conversation is with Ark, founder of CEO of the popular NFT Worlds - an upcoming metaverse platform.

We talked about what it was like to be blindsided by Minecraft, the challenges and opportunities that unlocked – and much more.

Meta is in Trouble

Mark Zuckerberg’s Net Worth has tumbled over $100B in the last year. Meta went from a $1 trillion company to a $330B company.

After reporting underwhelming earnings for a second straight quarter, investors are losing confidence in Zuck’s metaverse plans.

Twitter is Testing “NFT Tiles”

Twitter is adding native support to NFT links from Rarible, Magic Eden, Dapper Labs and Jump Trade. When users share a link from one of these marketplaces to the platform, a large image along with a direct link to purchase the NFT will be listed.

RTFKT X Rimowa Woes

RTFKT unveiled its much anticipated collaboration with Rimowa this week, and the design of the luggage was super clean. The product was very well received by holders, but RTFKT botched their minting experience due to a smart contract bug that enabled users to bypass the mint allocation.

In other news…

Los Angeles, November 12th.

We are co-hosting an event with the Kollectif Gall3ry and Vinnie Hager in Los Angeles from 12-6PM on November 12th.

If you’re in the area, would love to meet you! Come vibe with some of the top artists, collectors, investors, builders and more in the Web3 space.

Thanks for reading – see you next week!