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The Latest in AI + 5 Websites you Need to Know.

These tools and resources will help you level up.

What’s up everybody. It’s been a very busy week as we progress towards an alpha release of Eluna – which will hopefully be available sometime in the next two weeks.

I wanted to share the latest developments in AI, as well as 5 incredibly useful websites that will help you level up as an entrepreneur or creator.

I will cover the major headlines in the world of AI, but if you want to make sure you don’t miss any updates, stay tuned to the Eluna AI Instagram.

The Top Developments in AI

There are really two main developments that I wanted to cover.

The first is the introduction of Kosmos-1 by a team of Microsoft researchers. It’s a Multimodal Large Language Model (MLLM) capable of learning in context and following instruction.


The model, trained on ‘only’ 1.6 billion parameters, can understand images, text, images with text, optical character recognition, image captioning, and more.

The second development I wanted to share, is how the creative team over at Corridor Digital was able to combine green screen footage with Stable Diffusion to create an unbelievably stunning animated short.

I made a video summarizing the achievement and Corridor Digital has uploaded a full, 1-hour, step-by-step tutorial explaining how you could achieve the same results yourself.

Five Websites You Need to Know

Below are a list of websites that I think would be of value to you creators and entrepreneurs.

Find rapidly growing topics before they take off. Some of the world’s top companies and entrepreneurs use this tool to identify trends before they’re trends.

I have recently been using this website to stay ahead of the curve on emerging trends, attention waves and burgeoning industry.

If you create audio content like podcasts or Twitter spaces, Wavve allows you to create attractive audiograms – bite-sized pieces of visual content based on audio clips.

Alternatives to Wavve include Audiogram and Veed.

Jitter allows you to create clean motion graphics for your social media posts – super easily. Whether it be simple animated tweets, text messages, iOS notifications or more complex website landing page animations – Jitter has your back.

If you want to monetize your knowledge, Kajabi is a great resource. It’s an easy way to turn what you know best into an online course, subscription program, podcast, masterclass, etc.

The website handles everything like design, payments, analytics, and more.

A few of my freelancer friends use Toggl to track their time and handle budgeting, billing and invoicing.

For you creatives out there who are looking for a good tool to handle the business stuff so you can do what you do best – look no further.

Last thing before I bounce – have you picked up your MV3 cap yet?

It’s limited edition, each individually numbered on the tag – and only 250 will ever be produced.

When it arrives, send me a picture of the number you get, and post it on socials so I can re-share!