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The Latest in AI Music + How to Create Your Own

An update on the world of AI generated music

First off – what’s up everyone? I am experimenting with a new newsletter tool called Beehiiv and have switched over from Substack.

So I hope this email finds you.

I wanted to lay out the latest in generative AI for those who liked to stay updated, and also leave a some helpful AI music links below as I get a lot of messages asking how to create AI-assisted tracks.

Now, if you’d rather watch/listen to the content below, I put together a YouTube video for you. Otherwise, read on!

The latest in AI music:

  • Someone made a ‘greatest hits’ style album for the best AI-assisted Drake music. I actually think that if it was an actual Drake album, it would rank top 3 in his discography. Don’t @ me on that one.

  • Legendary producer Timbaland got in on the fun, and created a Timbo X Biggie track using one of the Notorious BIG models.

  • The Verge wrote a fantastic article explaining the legal trap that AI music is setting for Google and other platforms. Actually a fascinating conundrum – highly recommended read.

If you’re interested in creating AI-assisted music, here are helpful links:

‣ The go-to Discord – the community there is at the forefront of building the tools and training the models pushing the movement forward.

‣ An updated Model Tracker

‣ The best model making tutorial I have found

‣ The main colab file to run the models as well as an alternative one I found that works well.

‣ This is a simple GUI I found to replace your vocals but only has a few models and is often busy.

‣ Here is a good tutorial that shows how to use the Colab files, and this tutorial explains how to run locally.

That’s all for now. I’ll update you every month or so on the latest happenings in this space… because it’s moving super fast – and I find the industry’s reaction to it very interesting.