The New GPT Store: An Opportunity

Get Paid to Create your own GPTs

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GPT Store

OpenAI just held their Dev Day today, and they announced some great updates for the developer community.

But one that really caught my attention, was the announcement of GPTs. OpenAI is now rolling out the ability for anyone to easily build their own GPT – without any coding necessary.

And, through the new GPT Store, they will be sharing revenue with the creators of these custom chatbots.

Think about it as an App Store for ChatGPT. Which by the way, now has 100 million weekly active users. I love potential arbitrage plays like this.

How can you leverage this opportunity?

What custom chatbot can you create to serve your audience or perhaps be an additive piece to your business?

You could also build a private library of custom GPTs for your own personal use.

You can reply directly to this email if you’d like help brainstorming. Here’s my video I made today on the topic.

IG Reels Bonus

Thought this was interesting. Instagram is testing bonuses with select creators for reels – and photos.

Let me tell you from experience. I enabled IG reels bonuses - and they are abysmal. I think I’ve made under $5 for contributing several millions of views to Instagram.

Maybe the new update will be more lucrative, but I remain skeptical.

Speaking my Mind

One thing I’ve been thinking about recently is that social media rewards those with strong opinions – often because they are validating the opinions of many while directly opposing others.

I can be a pretty outspoken person, but that doesn’t reflect in my content. Short-form can be pretty limiting, and after introducing a story or idea, there isn’t a lot of time left for a full assessment or deep dive.

It’s one of the reasons I want to start putting more effort into my long-form content.

One of my first forays into this is a podcast that Kallaway and I will be starting. We are recording our first episode this week to see how it goes, where we dive into the top stories in tech, content, culture and beyond.

Keep an eye out, would love your feedback.

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